Arc table Wengé

A basic shape but just a little more!

In this case a lot more!

A particularly stylish version of the Arc table.

Beautiful in any interior or in the office on spot.

Sustainability can therefore be really beautiful.

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Arc table

Colour: Wengé

This colour is obtained by baking the bamboo slats.

This burns the sugar in the bamboo.

In this version, the collar has a white band.

This can be high-gloss or matte.

The Arc style is characterized by the sloping edge in the top and legs.

On the short side, the legs and rail are in one piece.

All this gives this design a special appearance

The Arc table is made of high-quality solid bamboo.

Twenty per cent is harder than oak.

So very suitable for home and office.

At the bottom of this text, you can download the price list and draw

All our products are finished with high-quality oils.

Environmentally friendly and strong.

You can read more about this in maintenance and experiences.

So we can rightly speak of sustainable investment.

Each piece of furniture is made in our own workshop.

Has its own number and file.

You can of course also get the Arc table extra long.

From 240cm, the texture of the leaf is transverse.

You can see all this in our showroom.

You can also order free samples from us for inspection.

We always deliver in consultation with the customer.

Normally we deliver between 4 and 10 weeks.

The series is divided into the 60 version and the 40 ("light") version.

With its 40 mm edge, it is also very suitable for desk chairs.