Types and colours


Bamboo itself is light in color. We call this shade "natural".

Bamboe Naturel

Like all plants, bamboo contains natural sugars.

By steaming the slats the sugars are caramelized.

Steaming discolors the bamboo "caramel" similar to cherry wood.

Bamboe stomen

By caramelizing longer or shorter, different shades are created.

No dyes or other additives are used for this.

It is a completely natural process.

Caramel horizontal

There is pressed bamboo also called Strand Woven Bamboo.

The colors are usually indicated by the type of wood on which the caramelized bamboo resembles.

It is customary to use the English term for this: oak, walnut, etc.

Bamboo plates in which slats of different colors are processed are called "forest".

This we called "walnut"

The material has a number of remarkable features.

It is first and foremost nice to see.

And furthermore it is:

available in various colors and structures

strong and hard

virtually maintenance free

sustainable and environmentally friendly

Bamboo is the deliberate choice for today's engaged consumer.

It wants to combine quality with good taste and an ecological purchasing pattern.

Not familiar with bamboo?

We make leftovers of samples that are finished in the same way as our furniture.

Do you want to see and feel a monster?


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