The Collection 

  • Dining tables
    Dining tables

    Made out of passion

    Bamboo harder than oak, pleasant as silk
  • Living room tables
    Living room tables

    Bamboo can reach a height of 35 meters in 3 years

  • Side tables
    Side tables

    Shaped by passion

    Bamboo converts 30% more CO2 into oxygen than wood

  • Seating furniture
    Seating furniture

    For a new comfort zone!

    Bamboo contains no toxic substances and does not cause allergies.

  • Cupboards

    Bamboo,if you look better

    Bamboo belongs to the family of the grasses, ​​not to the tree species.

  • Lamps

    Not always bamboo

  • Accessoires

    For sustainable relationships 

    In contrast to logging, bamboo harvesting has a positive effect on the area,

    namely, the young shoots ensure a renewed process.

  • For your eyes only
    For your eyes only

    For your Eyes only

    The board was reinvented.  

    Not an anonym object carrier but a piece of jewelry on the wall.  

    For more information click on the image.

  • Like most of Bloooms' work, this design is inspired by Japanese design. Majime literally means: A reliable and honest person who can solve cases without problems and drama. Such a Majime seems handy to have around.

  • Modular cabinet system Stackable Front panels complete as desired