Paul Bloemers

Paul Bloemers

An interview with Paul Bloemers by House of Design


1. What in your life influenced your choice to design?

In mine early years it was more or less to cheap dreams and to escape reality. 

As a child I already dreamed and drew a lot.

Cars was then my favorite subject.

2. When did you know you wanted to do that?

Around the age of 28 I realized that designing in itself made me "free", not the object (then still cars).

Furniture designs then arose out of nowhere.

At the age of 17 when I went to live in rooms I had designed and made my cabinets myself.

Then already signed a lot of furniture and interiors.

I also started to focus more on the concept of "taste"; how do people deal with their environment?

And why do they do what they do.

3. What makes a design a good design?

If a designer succeeds in conveying his or her originality and vision (the looking forward)

in a design, and succeeds in making it look 'natural', then you have a good design.

4. Bloooms is a sustainable company, how did that happen?

For me it was and is important how it feels for what I do and do.

Even though the term "sustainable" did not exist, I was already working on it.

I found it difficult to use, for example, wood from a tree that needed 60 years for this to occur.

5. Do you think people are becoming increasingly interested in sustainable design?

Difficult to answer, in part customers find it self-evident that companies take their responsibility.

At the same time, the same consumer remains hesitant about new materials and applications,

especially in the home environment.

6. Who are your customers?

Fifty / fifty private and corporate customers.

7. What inspires you?

Difficult question, as a designer you are constantly searching, in all openness, blank.

Japanese product design plus interior design packaging design plus craft have long served as a source of inspiration.

You can see that very clearly in the Mill table, which is inspired by traditional Japanese packaging, and also you can see

it in the Grand Arc and Sprite.

8. What are you currently working on?

In addition to give Bloooms shape with various projects,

such as investigating whether you can make plate material with local crops.

And a project that has been going on for a few years now is the development of local leaf heating.

9. What is your objective with Bloooms?

Bloooms is the first brand in the Netherlands to link its name to an alternative material.

It was born out of discontent how we deal with wood and out of curiosity to discover whether the market was open to this.

I want to discover what is possible with the material.

Obviously creating awareness for the brand and its designs.

10. How do your ideas arise?

That depends: a large part of my collection arises from commissions, which is a matter of listening and feeling very carefully.