Dining tables 

Made out of passion

Bamboo harder than oak, pleasant as silk
  • Arc serie
    Arc serie

    The Arc table is by now the most well-known design by Bloooms,

    made of high-quality solid traditional glued bamboo.

    Twenty percent harder than oak and therefore suitable for home and office.

  • Arc "Light"
    Arc "Light"

    This version does not have the "normal" Arc legs and top of 60 mm thick but of 40 mm thick.

    Great for the office or as a base for a desk and work table.

    Each piece of furniture is made by hand in our own workshop.

    Each piece of furniture has its own number and file.

  • Arc Axila
    Arc Axila
  • Grand Arc
    Grand Arc

    The Grand Arc bamboo dining table is the first design for Bloooms.

    Also the progenitor of the Arc series.

  • Grand Arc "Light"
    Grand Arc "Light"

    The Grand Arc table also has a "light" version, just like the Arc table.

    It gives the tables a somewhat slimmer appearance.

  • Mill-Table

    The "Mill Table" is an award-winning design.
    Designed as a concept that can be worked out in the most diverse functions.

  • Work places
    Work places

    Bamboo is very suitable for in offices.

    The smooth surface is very suitable for writing and typing.

    So it makes sense that Bloooms has a large choice in office furniture.