Sofie on a Stick

Sofie now also as a standing lamp.

Available in different heights.

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The smallest (image) of the series is 45 cm high.

Other heights are: 76, 120, 190 and 240cm and on request.

Sofie rests on a bamboo stick on a round base

it has a diameter of 19.5 cm, also made of bamboo.

Comes standard with a 3 meter cord with foot switch.

Part of the cap consists of two different ones

ladies stockings. 45cm version: 198, -

Designer's Note:

Sofie is not a lamp that is designed in the traditional way.

The design presented itself in a dream.

The naughty and the vulnerable really appeal to me in Sofie.

So for this reason I have given her a place in the collection.

The name is inspired by the book

The world of Sofie van Jostein Gaarder.