Bloooms planten pot duotone 15 x 15

Modern plant pot

Made of two types bamboo

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Inspired by Japanese wood carving.

This version has the outer dimensions: 15 x 215cm and is 38cm high.

And inner dimensions : 11 x 11 x 12 cm.

Made of natural and steamed bamboo.

Is finished with an environmentally friendly oil also finished with

a nano protective layer, which means they are suitable for in- and outside.

This coating has an extremely long service life and is not harmful to the environment.

With this, we contribute to the end of the replacement and disposable culture.

Making products more sustainable means that fewer materials need to 

be replaced and natural resources are spared.

This endeavor is deeply woven into us.

You can read more about this under specifications and experiences.

Larger versions are available.

These unique plant pots are delivered in 2 colors.

Caramel (cherry wood color) and Natural (birch wood color) and white

and in many sizes.

The pots are supplied with a ceramic dish for under the inner pot.

Everything is made in our own workshop.

You can see all this in our showroom.

Or order online.

When ordering 2 pots free shipping.

Delivery times: if in stock within 24 hours on transport and in consultation with the customer.