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Open cabinet with glass shelves

Made in bamboo natural

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Modern custom designed sideboard in the Arc style.

The back of the cabinet is seamlessly glued.

This makes it suitable for free placement in the room.

Made from natural bamboo

As befits custom you can open this custom sideboard.

Available in many colors and textures.

All our products are finished with a high-quality oil.

Environmentally friendly and very strong.

You can read more about this under Maintenance and experiences.

So we can rightly speak of a sustainable investment.

Traditionally glued bamboo is twenty percent harder than oak.

This custom-made, open sideboard was also made in our own workshop.

Has its own number and file.

You can see all this in our showroom.

You can also order free samples from us for inspection.

Delivery times: we always deliver in consultation with the customer.

In principle we deliver between 4 and 10 weeks.

1650 x 104 x 40cm € 1678, -

Bamboo design

Bamboo is the conscious choice for today's engaged consumer.

That wants to combine quality with good taste and

an ecological purchasing pattern.

Bloooms is the only furniture brand in the Netherlands that

connects its name to bamboo.

The material has a number of remarkable properties.

It is not only beautiful to see, but also:

available in various colors and structures

strong and hard virtually

maintenance-free durable and environmentally friendly