Bloooms plant pot naturel medium

Medium-large bamboo plant pot

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Inspired by Japanese wood carving.

This version has the outer dimensions: 33 x 33cm and is 65cm high.

And the inner dimensions of 29 x 29 x 31 cm.

Larger versions are available.

These unique plant pots are delivered in 2 colours (and 3 colour shades).

Caramel (cherry wood colour), natural (birch wood colour) and in white

also in many sizes.

The pots are supplied with a ceramic dish for under the inner pot.

You can see all this in our showroom.

Or order online.

When ordering 2 pots free shipping.

This plant pot is also finished with a high-quality oil.

This is environmentally friendly and very strong.

Delivery times: if in stock within 24 hours on transport and

in consultation with the customer.