Like most of Bloooms' work, this design is

inspired by Japanese design.

Majime literally means:

A reliable and honest person who can solve cases without

problems and drama.

Such a Majime seems handy to have around.

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The Majime is an open cabinet where functionality enhances the design.

Of course, always made to measure.

This example is 200cm long and 100cm high.

This sideboard is made of high-quality solid bamboo.

Is twenty percent harder than Oak.

So very suitable for home and office.

All our products are finished with high-quality oils.

Environmentally friendly and strong.

In maintenance and experiences, you can read more about this.

So we can rightly speak of sustainable investment.

We always deliver in consultation with the customer.

As with the tables, we make everything to measure.

Each piece of furniture is made in our own workshop.

It has its own number and file.

The Arc sideboard can of course also be made extra long.

You can see all this in our showroom.

You can also order free samples for inspection.