Bamboo design cabinet

Spriet, It is all in the name.

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In Holland, we call it Spriet, in English it is Halm, why?

Bamboo is no wood but grass.

The name of this bamboo design cabinet is Spriet.

This refers to the fact that bamboo is grass and not wood

This design shows how strong the material is.

The planks can each bear a weight of more than 50 kg.

Spriet shows that a design cabinet can also be extremely practical.

At first glance, the minimalist design is particularly striking.

All our products are finished with a high-quality oil.

Environmentally friendly and very strong.

It is also possible to finish Spriet with soap,

this creates a light gray matt effect.

You can read more about this in maintenance and experiences.

So we can rightly speak of sustainable investment.

De Spriet is almost always a custom cabinet.

It is available in numerous versions.

Freestanding or as a wall unit.

Or even with drawers.

Each piece of furniture is made in its own workshop.

Has its own number and file.

You can also order free samples from us for inspection.

Delivery times: we always deliver in consultation with the customer.

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