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The Arc as a comfortable dining chair

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The Arc is a comfortable dining room chair.

For the sake of convenience, the chair is slightly tilted.

The Arc chair is custom-made in our own workshop.

Custom-made means; you can order this chair in every size,

as a chair or couch.

The sizes of the Arc seats shown are:

Seat height: 57cm

Seat depth: 46.5cm

Seat width: 50.5 cm

Backrest height: 34.5cm

Total height: 77.5cm

Total width: 63cm

4youmade also means that there is a choice in different types of bamboo.

Price shown version €  525 -

The chair in this photo is covered with felt from Kvadrat.

The Ultimate brand when it comes to high-quality upholstery fabrics.
Her collection contains the finest materials and designs.

Sustainability also comes first for Bloooms