Bloooms is a design studio and furniture manufacturer in Groningen.

We specialize in solid bamboo furniture.

Have our own collection, which we deliver tailor-made.

In addition, you can have furniture designed and made to measure.

Environmentally friendly and sustainably produced.

All furniture is made of bamboo, a very environmentally friendly material that is produced sustainably.

First of all, it is a sustainable material because bamboo is not wood, but a grass.

It grows much faster than any other tree.

Moreover, a bamboo plantation converts about 30% more CO2 into oxygen than a forest.

Also with the processing of bamboo is a sustainable process that has little impact on the environment.

The furniture is completely custom made.

 At Bloooms you can order everything completely custom.

Often the models already have different options that you can choose from.

For example a model with a drawer or without a drawer.

Various options for the colors are also shown.

You can choose a mottled forest effect or a dark, burnt color.