Custom made bamboo bathroom furniture

Custom made bamboo bathroom furniture 

Drawer in the bathroom, of course custom made.

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Custom made bamboo bathroom furniture 

If there is a piece of furniture that invites you to be made to measure it is bathroom furniture. 

At Bloooms we have plenty of experience in that. 

The material lends itself very well to well-ventilated bathrooms. 

The oil we use here also offers nice protection and finish. 

This allows you to be assured that your furniture remains beautiful. 

In many cases, the customers deliver the design in a rough outline. 

This is then developed and made on request and possibly installed. 

Bathroom cabinet with a sheet of 1500 x 400 x 40mm plus 2 shelves for towels € 1195, - 

Toilet cabinet with a sheet of 800 x 250 x 40mm € 395, - 

Drawer cabinet 900 x 450 x 400 € 525, -

We supply these custom-made bathroom furnitures in various bamboo designs.

Every piece of furniture is made in our own workshop. 

Has its own number and file. 

You can also order free samples from us. 

All our products are finished with a combination of essential oil and a nano

coating based on silicon sand.

Both of these are environmentally friendly and very strong.

So we can rightly speak of sustainable investment.

You can read more about this under specifications and experiences.

You can read more about specifications and experiences. 

Delivery times: we always deliver in consultation with the customer. 

Normally we deliver between 4 and 8 weeks.

Bloooms likes to think along with the Architect and Stylist. 

Bamboo design Bamboo is the deliberate choice for today's engaged consumer. 

It wants to combine quality with good taste and an ecological purchasing pattern. 

Bloooms is the only furniture brand in the Netherlands that connects its name to bamboo. 

The material has a number of remarkable features. 

It is beautiful to see and but also: available in various colors and structures.

It is strong and hard, environmentally friendly 

Bamboo is the most environmentally friendly type of wood. 

Actually, it is not wood, but grass: the plant keeps its roots when it is covered. 

The plant does not die off, the shoots stimulate young shoots to come out. 

Partly because of this, a square hectare of bamboo yields 30% more oxygen than wood! 

Did you know that: 

• Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants  

 Growth rates of up to one meter per day have been observed

• Bamboo shoots are edible and are often used in Asian kitchens

• The trunk of the bamboo in length can vary from a few centimeters to more than 35 meters.   

• The species that Bloooms uses reaches a length of up to 35 meters in 5 years

• Bamboo is one of the most common jungle plants in the Netherlands

• The bamboo plant rarely blooms, sometimes even once every hundred years.