Sin Costura Strasnd Woven Black

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Mies van der Rohe: good design is characterized by the details.

This piece of furniture is made completely seamless.

This means that the drawing of the material is parallel.

This specimen is made of 40 mm thick pressed bamboo

this is finished with black oil.

Plus a small secret drawer for small valuables.

So a very special and exclusive copy.

For people with an eye for detail.

Available in various colours and materials.

Would you like to know how that works?

Mail or call us on 050 311 29 46 or 06 23 64 32 42.

You can visit us at the Boterdiep in Groningen.

It is also possible to request bamboo samples for inspection.

All our products are finished with a high-quality oil.

Environmentally friendly and strong.

You can read more about this in maintenance and experiences.

So we can rightly speak of sustainable investment.

Since the Sin-Costura is not only an example of Dutch Design.

But also one of Made in Holland so all lines are very short.

We supply this bamboo drawer block in various designs.

Each piece of furniture is made in our own workshop.

Has its own number and file.

60 x 40 x 40cm

Includes 2 drawers and a secret drawer

€ 1098, -

Weight: 65 kg